Surface finish: Beauty in Modern Architecture

Surface finish: Beauty in Modern Architecture

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The term ‘architectural finish’ is often used in the architecture and construction industry to refer to the aspect and treatment in surfaces such as floors, ceilings, ceiling slabs, walls, block walls and stud walls, enhancing the aesthetics and appearance of the interior and exterior of a building.

Metals are a classic element for creating great architectural finishes. They are strong, versatile, durable, unique and can enhance the beauty of any architectural design.

Unlike interior decorative finishes, metal architectural finishes -interior and external- can contribute to the structural integrity of the building, thanks to its permanent, fixed nature. They also serve a functional role such as protection against weather conditions and water, aiding the main structure in dirt resistance.

In terms of loose fixtures and fittings, even if they don’t provide any structural support, they place additional demands on the stability and support of the building.

Therefore, both loose fixtures and supportive architectural finishes, must be considered in the structural calculations and detailing stage of the design prior to the construction.

Modern Architecture

Today, we live in a diverse built environment where metal architecture continues to be influential. Modern architectural aesthetics are well accented by metal, either as the main material for the built or as a complement to enhance the design.

The innate beauty of metals and their structural integrity have been the focus of many inspiring builts in contemporary architecture.

The rise of its application in increasingly creative ways amongst architects is due to its versatility and customizability, especially steel, since it can be folded, stamped, perforated, etched and coated.

Renowned iraqui architect Zaha Hadid created neo futuristic structures that place metal and its limitless shapes as the protagonist and main focus on her work, leading her to become the first woman to ever win the Pritzker for architecture in 2004, amongst many other prizes for her revolutionary designs in modern architecture.

For all your architectural stainless applications Diversified Specialty Metals offers XL Blend “S” finished products.

Diversified Specialty Metals’s quality surface finishes create a clean, smooth and uniform exterior, have the capability to repair any surface and are less reflective and receptive to foreign substances.

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